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Sunday, 17 July 2011

Bump n stuff

I decided this week that I would assign myself 'admin days' to make sure I keep up to date with my accounts, my online shops and my blog, so here I am! Let's see how long it lasts...
Well I've been up to quite a lot. Trying to find baby stuff I can organise and actually managed to book myself into pregnancy yoga classes in Ottery. Really looking forward to that. Yoga is the best thing ever for feeling chilled out, stretched out and toned. The bump is coming along nicely too...

Also dug out Kanga, who I was given on my second birthday. She survived a cycle in the washing machine so she's ready to be passed down to baby now. I do feel like I should make her a Roo to go in her pouch though...

The other main thing I've been up to this week is trying to work out wedding reception venues and tipis. As it turns out that's a bit stressful so I'm roping family in to help. Can't wait until the big things are done and I can concentrate on the crafty bits like making pom pom bunting and designing invitations. I bought the new issue of Mollie Makes today (my new favourite magazine) and there are some really lovely country chic wedding ideas. Now I want to print the invites on vintage hankies!

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Friday, 1 July 2011

I really need more admin days!

Today I'm feeling bad about not updating my Folksy shop, my website or my blog enough. I'm sure many bloggers feel the same. I have loads to say but never seem to find the time to sit down and say it.

So, an update then...well...I'm having a baby and getting married! How's that for an update?!?

Baby is due in October and we can't wait. It gives me the opportunity right now to do two of my very favourite things: buy stuff and make stuff! I'm knitting some clothes and a mobile for the nursery but I haven't finished a single thing yet and I have a horrible feeling the time is going to slip by rather quickly. Ah well, I can keep knitting once baby is here so it's all good!

And a wedding! Next August (fingers crossed). Trying to find a reception venue in or near Honiton at the moment which is proving rather tricky. All ideas welcome! We're looking for open space in which to put up a teepee or yurt but ideally next to a building with loos and a bar!

That'll have to be it for the moment as I'm simultaneously adding tomy website. Check it out for new items for sale here:

and also see new stuff on Folksy here:

and here are a couple of pics of what I've been up to...

Sock dinosaurs!
Sock croc!
baby bump!
The night we go engaged on holiday in Rhodes