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Tuesday, 29 June 2010

wow. i haven't done this for ages! having bizarre problems logging in for some reason. no pics today as i'm on boyfriend's laptop but i've been doing loads and loads with the new sewing machine. finished a pair of stripey cushion covers for boyfriend's sister and then took a big step and made myself a shoulder bag out of a charity shop skirt and an old pillow case. i *love* it. i love it so much i've made 2 more and a third is in the planning stages but (as always) i've now been distracted by a new project - little girls' pillow case dresses!!

i'm forming more of a solid picture in my head of the direction i want to take bluebird in and it seems to be heading in an 'upcycling' direction at the moment. not only is hunting our fantastic fabrics in the form of skirts and old lady blouses in charity shops an absolute joy, but the idea that i'm doing something green and making something shiny and exciting makes me feel all warm and content :)

anyway, back soon with pictures!

p.s. kitty is doing well. she likes to wake us up at 5am by bouncing on the bed and biting our noses!!

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

well the big news is that i bought myself a really exciting new sewing machine last week and have been busy putting it to good use! i've already made 2 cushion covers and a peg bag and there's more in the pipeline. it's amazing. my previous one is an antique and only does a straight running stitch and only when it feels like it! this new is all singing all dancing. it's got about 6 different kinds of feet and over fifty preset stitches. no idea what they're all for yet!

i've also sold my first item on folksy which was a real boost! even better was that it was closely followed by another sale! i've really enjoyed packaging them up with ribbons and tissue paper and sending them off to my lovely buyers. thank you buyers :)

and here's a pictoral representation of the last couple of weeks (as you can see it's been all crafting and playing with kitty!)...