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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Missing in action

It's been absolutely ages since I last posted and I've been so busy trying to develop my 'bluebird by lou' business. I've been doing craft fairs, opening new online shops, making commissions for Christmas presents and working on my branding as well as expanding my range. Not much then!

Highlights include making over a hundred pounds for the first time at a craft fair at the Craft Hub's Twinkling Firs fair in Topsham, Devon. I learned some lessons that day. Lesson one: don't spend money buying loads of components to make Xmas baubles. I had about 40 clear plastic baubles, some with jelly bean filling, some with glitter and paper flowers and some (that I was really proud of) with little plastic robins on glittery twigs and I sold a grand total Oh well, chalk it up to experience!
Lesson two: always try to take a helper to a craft fair. I needed the loo for about 2 hours before I could nip away from my stall!

Another highlight is just a little thing but I'm so pleased I got around to organising some fabric labels to sew onto my items. All my sock kitties are getting bluebird by lou labels stitched onto their bums! I got them
from a lovely lady called Jennifer Wendorf at Jennifer's Jewels on etsy and I'm thrilled with them :-)

Erm...what else? Oh, my boyfriend and I added to our family with another little furry kitty monster. He's now 4 1/2 months old and he' called Conan The Barbaricat! He's the biggest attention seeker. So full of love for everyone including our first cat Ana (full title Anakitten Skywalker) and the race around the house biting each other, which is just lovely! They have to be banished to the kitchen at night though as they think breakfast should be served at about 4am and will purr in your ear and sit on your head until you give in!

I've also started making little sock owls in the last few weeks and they've been really popular so far! Maybe I should have called my company the owl and the pussycat...

Provisionally booked some fairs for the year too. I told you I'd been busy! I have 5 dates confirmed at Exmouth Pavillions, the first one is march 27th. Tell all your friends!!

Now I must give my full attention to DIY

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