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Sunday, 4 July 2010

pictures ahoy!!

Ok, prepare for lots of pictures now i have painstakingly emailed them from my blackberry (because I can't find the cable that connects my phone to my laptop!).
Firstly, a kitty update...Ana is doing great. She started being a bit naughty, bitey and distant last week but she's now reverted back to cute sleepy lovely kitten. Here she is sunbathing on my new vintage 60s cushion cover!

Ok, what's next? My garden! The veg patch is really coming along. We've got some kohl rabi in that has just gone crazy. I love it for the purple and green! My sunflowers have had to be moved to save them from the dreaded ants that seek to destroy...

And of course I've been making stuff. I've been very unfocussed of late. Can't decide whether I'm making sock buddies, plushies, cushion covers, pillowcase dresses, bags or what!! So I made all of them. It's making it very difficult to pin down a tag line to get some business cards printed. I'm thinking about "Handmade new and recycled fabric gifts, accessories & whatnot". Anyway, here's the rest of the photos...

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