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Sunday, 11 November 2012

Lou Week

This week - if all goes to plan - is going to be immense and I will be a happier, calmer person with a huge sense of achievement.

That's the plan!

I've taken the week off work and my toddler, Gracie, is still going to nursery 3 days and I am going to really strive to get a much made as is physically possible while occasionally popping out for coffee and charity shop raiding (which is all part of the process, I assure you).

So day 1 and Gracie slept late so I'm already an hour behind but well rested. Dropped her off at nursery and headed for Topsham. This is the coffee and charity shops bit!
But the most important job right now is list-making. I cannot function as a human being, let alone run my business, without multiple lists on the go, and if I hope to achieve anything this week I'll need a couple of lists to set me in the right direction.

So, I'll just finish my list and my coffee as it's nearly 10am and that's when the charity shops should be opening....

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