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Sunday, 11 November 2012

Week over

Well that week went quickly! Isn't it amazing how when you're doing something you love time goes so much faster than when you're data processing in an office?!
As predicted I didn't get nearly as much made as I wanted. I did get some sock kitties finished for my next craft fair. It's really important to have supplies of these as people seem to really like them and they're the product I'm known for. They just take so long to make!

The exciting part of the week was designing a new product - the Blue Bunny. I just can't help but make bunnies and I'm particularly pleased with these. I only have one finished at the moment but I'm going to focus my efforts on them and hope to make lots. As a happy side-effect of this plan it means a trip to ikea to buy more blankets to make them. Hooray!!

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